We are thrilled to report that our projector is back up & running after what felt like an eternity (at least over here).

Thank you so much for your notes of support & kindness during this week.

This does mean that we’re going to need to re-schedule the Art No-Movie Theater series (specifically SOUNDS OF PLEASURE w/ Veronica Bleaus – rescheduled for Wednesday, 5/3 at 10pm). We’ll have an announcement about that shortly. We were happy to see everyone’s excited response to that creative bandage, and we’d like to keep experimenting with our venue in that spirit.

For now, back to the glories of cinema. See our updated schedule below to catch T2 TRAINSPOTTING and/or SPACE JAM. Sorry to lose showtimes, and we hope to have some make-up screenings, if we can swing it, in the next few weeks. As always, thanks for your support!

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    Tuesday 19th June

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