NR, 78 minutes

This screening is part of: SMART KIDS II

An old man gathers his grandchildren to tell them the story of 10-year-old Maki, who is kidnapped by slave traders. He quickly escapes to find himself on an epic journey. Maki is determined to rescue his new friend, the orphaned giraffe Zarafa, from the Bedouin prince who is taking her to France as a gift to the King. Stowing away on the journey, he looks for opportunities to escape with her. Their travels take them to Alexandria, Marseille and Paris. But the slave trader is on the same route and he is still angry about losing Maki and wants him back! (2015, Rémi Bezançon & Jean-Christophe Lie, France/Belgium/Sudan, 78 min)

“The patient storytelling and the elegant and colorful hand-drawn animation combine to give the film a pleasing, picture-book-like quality that should appeal to kids; there’s something very old-school about the film’s aesthetic. But in some senses, it also feels like a blast of fresh air, not the least because of where, and on whom, it chooses to place its focus.” -Vulture

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